Monday, December 30, 2013

"The Best Art Blog Project Virtual Challenge Cup" Award From the Making a Mark Blog

The Women Painting Women blog is honored to have been awarded

The Best Art Blog Project Virtual Challenge Cup 
by Katherine Tyrrell of the Making a Mark blog

Making a Mark writes:
"What the women had planned for 2013 fell only a little short of world domination! In the end, in 2013, the project organised and held SEVEN concurrent exhibitions and went international. Where do they go from here? Some National Portrait Gallery has got to pick them up at some point surely?

"This is an art blog project which started with an admirable set of values, achieved its goals and then changed up a gear and created a significant movement amongst painters. In all of this the art blog has proved a valuable tool for showcasing the work of various women artists and providing a place of reference and an accessible identity for their work."

Thanks for the recognition, Katherine!

Read the entire post describing our history and the development of the Women Painting Women blog and shows at the Making a Mark blog here

Women Painting Women was also awarded The Art Innovation of the Year Award

The award is for the Women Painting Women (R)evolution show catalog published by Matter Deep Publishing, available on-demand and for PDF download here