Twelve of the brightest rising female painters from across the country convened November 4-12 2010 for a week of painting the figure, the city and the beautiful marshes and beaches surrounding Charleston, South Carolina.

UPDATE Feb 2012:

Principle Gallery, 208 King Street, Alexandria, VA
Opening Reception: Friday, April 13th, 2012 from 6:30-9pm.

The Expedition was a wonderful experience for all involved, and much of it was documented on the artists' blogs:
Sadie Valeri's blog
Diane Feissel's blog
Alexandra Tyng's blog
Mia Bergeron's blog
Terry Strickland's blog
Alia El-Bermani's blog
Linda Tracey Brandon's blog

This painting retreat and the subsequent group exhibition are part of Women Painting Women's initiative to build community and visibility for contemporary women painters.
The following are the On Expedition 2010 participating artists (click the name for links):

Alexandra Tyng – Narberth, PA

Alia El-Bermani – Cary, NC

Catherine Prescott – Harrisburg, PA

Cindy Procious – Chattanooga, TN

Diane Feissel – Philadelphia, PA

Katherine Stone – Toronto, ON, Canada

Linda Tracey Brandon – Phoenix, AZ

Mia Bergeron – Chattanooga, TN

Rachel Constantine – Philadelphia, PA

Sadie Valeri – San Francisco, CA

Terry Strickland – Pelham, Alabama

Stefani Tewes –Laguna Beach, CA

This inaugural painting retreat and exhibition represents the first effort by Women Painting Women to encourage women artists, advance art education, and showcase some of the best painting happening today. Women Painting Women founder Sadie Valeri states the following:

“The quality, professionalism, and high level of training and vision being expressed by women artists have the potential to alter all of our ideas about who is making art and what they are saying. The paintings we have displayed on the Women Painting Women website express the wide-ranging and constantly shifting issues of identity and self-expression women face as they navigate their lives – including choices about how, whether and when to raise families. We have noticed that many women feel they are struggling with these issues alone, but seeing all the artwork together is developing a sense of community among us.”

For more information about Women Painting Women, the painting retreat or related exhibitions, please contact Diane Feissel (email address: libitina{at} or Alia El-Bermani  (email address: alia{at}