Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Felicia Forte

Going Back, oil on canvas, 28" x 36"


  1. That is lovely...I love the angle here and the trees and sky in the background...makes me think of Kansas which is where I live.

  2. Molly The Lurcher said...
    What a fantastic blog this is.
    Well done for bringing this to life.
    On my 3rd year at Art School, a friend of mine stood up and asked the tutor "We've been studying the history of white, western male art for the last 3 years....will we be getting around to women/Africa/Australia/ etc at somepoint?
    Wow...what a fuss that caused (It was 1989).
    Jenny Saville is a contemporary of mine and changed the landscape for women, artist or not, in my opinion.
    Lol @ blogger not accepting my wordpress ID or my OpenID, but letting me post as my dog, Molly!
    My name is Mikey and you can find me at

  3. Love what you have done in this painting Felicia. It gives a sence of place and the expression in the woman's face is as inviting as the rest of the painting. Love the use of complimentary color and combination of warm and cool colors.

  4. Beautiful painting!

  5. this painting background gives the original feeling.... it is look like original nature image.

  6. I love the editing in this piece. I checked out your site and you have a true artist's eye for place and moment. You know how to trim things down to their essence, but it is also clear that you have been well trained realistically. Excellent, artistic work. Congrats.