Thursday, March 26, 2009

60 Artists!!!

Wow, 60 amazing women artists, I am thrilled and inspired and so thankful to everyone who has suggested artists they admire! And we're not done yet, the recommendations for new artists keep coming.

I'd love for this collection to be seen by as many people as possible, please share it and encourage artists friends of all genders to share it and post it. Make it your Facebook status!

Is anyone inspired to create a blog for women artists painting other subjects? Let me know if you start one and I'll link to it.

We have some great discussions going in the comments, check them out and jump in:

"Challenging notions of beauty"

"Pretty consumable on display"


"Individuality and Objectification"

Thanks so much for all your contributions, in just 9 days this blog has exploded far beyond my expectations and I am so inspired by every single artist.


1 comment:

  1. I have enjoyed this site so much. I just learned about it today. A friend, woman artist, turned me on to it. And as a woman, I am just blown away as I view the creativity, and the supurb execution of so amny of these paintings by women.

    And to think, that all of these past years of history when women were not allowed the pleasure of partaking in this glorious endeavor, how much creativity went unborn. Heartbreaking.