Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rose Frantzen

"Fragile Rose," Oil, 44x68


  1. Sadie This painting is in Providence RI.

    A friend of mine saw this in a house. He was stunned! I was going to tell you about this!

    Sharon Knettell

  2. I know the owner of this painting entitled "Fragile" who lives in New York City. The image above is reversed. It is far more impressive than this picture can convey. We own Rose's painting "Hope", which would be great if Sadie could post. Most men see the painting as chaotic while most women see it as calming. Very intersting.

    If you get a chance go see her works at the National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian in DC!

  3. Thanks for letting us know the title was incorrect, I have changed it.

    Maybe the gallery web site reversed the image, but we used the image they posted.

    We only post one image per artist, but if you click Rose's name to go to her gallery site you can see all of her work.