Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Don't Call Me a 'Woman Artist'"

How do you feel about the term "woman artist"?


  1. Shouldn't really be necessary, should it? There have always been artists who are women.

    But the prevailing assumption seems to be that an artist will be a man.

    So in some ways to make the point that you are "a woman artist" can be a defiant statement, like, "btw dumbasses women paint too" or what have you.

    But when other people label you that way... Seems more like they are saying "btw, she's a woman artist" which could be disparaging or trendy, depending on the time and place...

  2. it bothers me...only because more and more lately...I'm seeing Art Shows for just women artists, art groups and competitions for just women...I think this encourages the separatism the already exists.

  3. Sometimes I like to see a distinction in the sexes.

    I was attracted to this site, "Women Painting Women".

    Luckily, our culture has made so much progress in the area of sexism, that it has almost become politically incorrect to show disrespect to what a woman produces.

    However, we all witnessed the free abandon the masses, mostly the men, attacked female political candidates in this latest presidential election.

  4. I don't want to be called a woman artist. Because most of the times when saying that it means 'hey look women can paint/draw/make music too." But then again...... i use often 'women'topics in my work. but when men using the term woman artist i don't feel at ease. I was in band: 3 male musicians and 2 female musicians. And people often said: ahhhh so sweet a girlband. Beg yr pardon? 3 males were in it! :-D I love this blog btw. very inspiring. I would suggest: guerillagirls, i haven't seen Frida Kahlo here, and Marlene Dumas.

    Sweet greetz, Momo Luna